Tree sap remover.

Sapper is a fully active sap remover without any added fillers. It quickly penetrates the most stubborn tree sap to allow easy removal without any heavy buffing or rubbing.  This formula is non-greasy and does not use a traditional petroleum distilate base. Upon application, any excess product will evaporate from the surface you are working on, and will not cause any damage to surrounding trim or rubber seals.


32 oz bottle with a trigger sprayer.


  • The surface that you are treating with sapper should be clean and dry. Apply sapper to a applicator pad or spray on the surface and work the product in. Avoid excessive rubbing, and allow the product to do the work.  

    Multiple applications may be required in order to allow the product to fully penetrate and remove the tree sap. After sapper treatment, follow up with a quality wax to restore protection.